• An Undergrad’s Basic Insights on Universal Basic Income

    Written by Christopher Ren What a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is According to the Citizens’ Basic Income Trust, UBI-type policies are defined by five conditions: It is “unconditional”, or guaranteed to everyone past a certain age threshold. It is “automatic”, by [...]
  • Views on Venezuela

    Written by Nisha Honnaya Last semester I took Professor Patricio Navia’s “Global Latin American Cultures” class. As many of his students might attest, Navia’s engaging lectures left me with a lasting impression of Latin America’s growing presence in global [...]
  • Divest Movements are Growing, but NYU Holds Out

    Written by Anand Balaji [Dec 2018 Alumni] In less than a decade, the divestment movement has fundamentally transformed the asset management industry. Divesting refers to the process of ending investment in an industry or company that is considered harmful to society. [...]
  • The Future is Foldable

    Written by Paul Yoon Get ready to say goodbye to tablets, e-readers, and laptops. Okay, maybe not anytime soon, but the potential is evident. If you’ve ever watched HBO’s Westworld you might have seen the characters use a sleek device to make phone calls and then unfold [...]



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A Boomerang is Worth A Thousand Words

by The Gould Standard NYU Stern in Opinion

Written by Sal Bhakuni The key to Instagram’s success is in its ability to have “franchisees” of sorts, who personalize and customize traditionally corporate messages. [...]


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