• Businesses Thriving in the Era of COVID-19 (Besides Zoom)

    Again, the combination of businesses prospering in the era of COVID-19 is highly telling. It reflects America’s very own way of coping with loss, tragedy, confusion and doubt. Yes, this is how we are coping with the pandemic in America: by eating more pizza and drinking [...]
  • Checking in on Venezuela: Past, Present, & Future Woes

    While Maduro’s power yet remains intact, sanctions imposed by the U.S. and countries around the world prohibit investment, further exacerbating Venezuela’s ability to undergo a successful restructuring in light of such conditions. By Alejandro Sarmiento Venezuela’s [...]
  • COVID-19, Global Supply Chains, & Opportunity for Mexico

    As the pandemic draws on, COVID-19 continues to expose holes in the way we organize our world. Among the most affected facets of business have been global supply chains. By Dorinda Ma “Three decades ago, U.S. producers began manufacturing and sourcing in China for one [...]
  • Evolution of Pension Funds

    Overly optimistic assumed rate of returns are a huge contributing factor to underfunded pension funds. According to the National Association of Retirement Administrators, the average assumed rate of return for public pension funds is 7.3%, which far exceeds the actual rate [...]
  • Growing Digitization of Global Currency

    Apart from consolidation of the market in a growing fintech sector, one primary driver of this acquisition spree is the rising popularity of debit, credit, and online payments applications’ usage By Anirudh Sharma Think about how many times you have used your debit or [...]
  • 2020’s Five Most Disruptive Tech Trends Shaping Tomorrow

    Telehealth, referring to the use of remote, telecommunications-based healthcare via video, email, call, is rising to prominence worldwide. Telehealth and telemedicine together fundamentally shift the way that healthcare clinical and nonclinical services are [...]
  • Big Tech: Heroes of Healthcare?

    Technology has also played a role in improving the safe evaluation and triage of patients through advancements in virtual care, telehealth, and remote patient monitoring. By Shivin Verma The COVID pandemic has tested the preparedness and adaptability of the US healthcare [...]


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The Future of Uber

by The Gould Standard NYU Stern in Opinion

Written by Ben Rapp Since Uber, a Ridesharing platform, was founded in 2009, it has completed almost ten billion trips, approximating about fourteen million trips each day. [...]


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