• In Conversation with Professor Simon Bowmaker

    Written by Sanjana Gupta The Gould Standard sat down with Professor Simon Bowmaker to learn more about his views on work, life, and the future. Dedicated, motivational, and charismatic – that’s Simon Bowmaker in three words. Although three hundred students take his [...]
  • Senior Superlatives ’18

    Dynamic Duo, Rahul Chabria and Henry Rogano Brunch Bae, Helen Wang Pablo Picasso Award, Johnny Byrne Most Likely To Be Asleep in Class, Pranav Kapur Most Likely To Win A Grammy, Sindhu Immidisetty Most Likely To Become A Professor, Aditya Garg Meme King, David Labine Srat [...]
  • Is It Time to Break up Big Tech?

    Written by Chelsea Tang Unlike telephone service, the internet cannot be controlled in the same way. There is currently  no singular strategy on how to regulate these companies because they operate in uncharted territories. In the past 10 years, the five largest [...]
  • Can Schools Teach Kindness?

    Written by Therena Ho Kindness leads to positive externalities such as happier, integrated neighborhoods or prosperous business partnerships. But, can schools teach kindness? Given recent tragic events in Charlottesville and Parkland, society needs a kinder populous, where [...]
  • Wall Street’s Great Migration

    Written by Jeff Zhou If Wall Street has lost its prestige due, in great deal, to automation, then it makes sense why countless of elite college graduates are flocking into the tech sector. The 2008 financial crisis severely damaged the public perception of Wall Street. 1.2 [...]
  • Cape Town: The Last Drop

    Written by Virginia Favaro  While steps have been taken to mitigate the water crisis, more work must be done. Even more importantly, the city needs to find sustainable solutions, as this issue will persist. Cape Town, South Africa is likely to be the first major city to [...]
  • Stern Spotlight: Dena Samad

    Written by Jennifer Kim Armed with this encouragement and the knowledge that other prominent universities like Rutgers and Harvard had an Islamic finance minor and an Islamic finance program respectively, Dena felt confident they had substantial basis for a club that was [...]



News Highlights

STURBAN: Sneaker Culture

by The Gould Standard NYU Stern in Student Life

Written by Rohil Vir Basu A Brief History of Sneakers “The Sneaker Game” is a joke, an addiction, a lifestyle and for many, a business. Started in the 70s by B-Boys and [...]


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