• An Undergrad’s Basic Insights on Universal Basic Income

    Written by Christopher Ren What a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is According to the Citizens’ Basic Income Trust, UBI-type policies are defined by five conditions: It is “unconditional”, or guaranteed to everyone past a certain age threshold. It is “automatic”, by [...]
  • Views on Venezuela

    Written by Nisha Honnaya Last semester I took Professor Patricio Navia’s “Global Latin American Cultures” class. As many of his students might attest, Navia’s engaging lectures left me with a lasting impression of Latin America’s growing presence in global [...]
  • Divest Movements are Growing, but NYU Holds Out

    Written by Anand Balaji [Dec 2018 Alumni] In less than a decade, the divestment movement has fundamentally transformed the asset management industry. Divesting refers to the process of ending investment in an industry or company that is considered harmful to society. [...]
  • The Future is Foldable

    Written by Paul Yoon Get ready to say goodbye to tablets, e-readers, and laptops. Okay, maybe not anytime soon, but the potential is evident. If you’ve ever watched HBO’s Westworld you might have seen the characters use a sleek device to make phone calls and then unfold [...]



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