• Self-Diagnosed Sadness in the Internet Age

    By Anya Srivats As open discussions about mental health and wellness grow in importance, there has been a significant increase in self-diagnoses of mental illnesses. How does this impact the way society views mental health, and what are the dangers that it poses. The [...]
  • The Death of Haute Couture

    By Alexis Datta (Argentina, 1940s) Eva Peron woke up every morning to her entourage of designers – Asunta Fernandez was her personal shopper; Luis D’Agostino chose her outfits; Paco Jamandreu adjusted the fit of the expensive items she wore. When Eva arrived back from [...]
  • Chinese Hegemony: The Data Imbalance in Geopolitics

    By Aldo Aragon Gonzalez Tensions are high between the United States and China. If you listen to President Trump, the story is one in which China skirts the rules to gain a competitive advantage in international trade, driving Chinese domestic growth and military investment. [...]
  • Stern Professors’ Guide to New York City

    By Veena Murali Stern professors are some of the most vibrant and intelligent individuals that Stern students know. But students can be quick to inhibit professors’ roles as humans with actual interests and passions and see them simply as grading machines. Stern [...]
  • Memes: A Source of Distraction or Solidarity?

    By Stephanie Yang and Paul Yoon Memes. We know and love them. Whether as a source of endless scrolling to avoid a deadline, or a reason to tag your friends to share a laugh, memes have been a hallmark of digital natives who share everything from mundane personal [...]
  • Israel and “The Floor” of FinTech

    By Ben Newhouse and Javier Cohen If I ask you to picture a bank, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably an office with tellers, computers, and lots of physical cash. But what if I ask you to picture the bank of the the future? This might be a bit trickier. We [...]



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From Silicon Valley to Secondary Markets

by The Gould Standard NYU Stern in Markets

Written by Arjun Gheewala 6 years ago, it started out as a disruptive platform for sharing temporary pictures. It evolved to diversify its services with face-tracking and [...]


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