• On the Folly of Addressing Symptoms Rather than the Root

    The question cannot be how we aim to make outcomes equal, but more precisely, what forces prevent socioeconomic mobility and perpetuate poverty? By Alejandro Sarmiento The question surrounding rising income inequality frequently incites the dichotomous perception of [...]
  • The American Dream is Dead – Let’s Revive It

    Pretending the American Dream is still intact in the same way it once was will only drive the country further away from the ideal it was founded on: equal opportunity for all. By Veena Murali The United States is a country that, for over 200 years, has idealized the concept [...]
  • Building Community Through Politics, Economics, and Kindness

      Stern Through Their Eyes is an online series of interviews featuring student leaders at Stern. The purpose of this series is to highlight club culture, leadership personalities, and drive conversation about critical issues facing our undergraduate student body.  [...]
  • The Role of Big Tech in the Modern World

    Written by Sanjana Gupta The calls to break up big tech companies like Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google have become increasingly louder in the wake of the multiple scandals and allegations against Facebook and the realization of the amount of personal data that these [...]



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In Conversation with Professor Simon Bowmaker

by The Gould Standard NYU Stern in Features

Written by Sanjana Gupta The Gould Standard sat down with Professor Simon Bowmaker to learn more about his views on work, life, and the future. Dedicated, motivational, and [...]