• Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Abraham George

    Written by Aditi Shankar “Until 2008, I was living with what I had made in my business. Unfortunately, I had made some major mistakes and they all converged together in 2008—my investments literally evaporated. I had to cut back on everything except Shanti [...]
  • Commercial Space Flight: How Close Are We?

    Written by Abhishek Shankar Space companies have begun to research different types of engines and means of propulsion. Cost-saving efforts, such as reusable rockets, are also in development. In response, many individuals involved in spaceflight ventures express hope that [...]
  • Retail in a New Age

    Written by Aditya Garg However, while e-commerce has certainly helped accelerate the trend, the narrative behind the decline in retail is a bit more complex. The underlying driver behind the decline are these companies’ large debt loads and the saturation of the U.S. [...]
  • Whole Foods and the Amazon Monopoly

    Written by Vanna Mavromatis Despite the fact that no one really knows what Amazon plans to do with its acquisition of Whole Foods, the fact that its stock has soared means that, no matter its plan, people believe it will be successful. We have long come to accept the [...]
  • E-Commerce Is No Longer an Option

    Written by Geenie Choy This generational shift within the target market demonstrates the impact of growing digital significance. It illustrates that younger consumers no longer feel the need to feel the silk, sip the complementary bubbly, and try on the Rolex if they have [...]
  • Sitting Down with Professor Scott Galloway

    Written by Stephanie Yang “Take professors, not courses. The mistake a lot of students make is they think ‘Oh I’m interested in real estate so I’m going to take real estate courses’. The best classes are the courses taught by the best professors; it doesn’t [...]



News Highlights

The ‘Stern Curve’

by The Gould Standard NYU Stern in Features

Written by SM Dipali “At NYU Stern, we strive to create courses that challenge students intellectually and that meet the Stern standards of academic excellence. To [...]


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