Our Mission

Founded in 2013 as a Dean’s Initiative, The Gould Standard is Stern’s premier student-run undergraduate publication. We provide students a platform to explore current business issues, geopolitical events and student life at Stern. In addition to publishing articles, we also host on-campus panels featuring speakers from prominent news publications. We act as a creative outlet for students to express themselves while gaining a deeper understanding of the global business world.


The Gould Standard is looking to add Writers, Designers, Photographers, Artists and Marketing members to our staff! We host meetings every Thursday during common hour in LC-25. Join us at a meeting or send us an email at gouldstandard@stern.nyu.edu.

Sections Overview


Articles cover current events and general business issues being discussed in the news.


Articles feature a student opinion on any topic relevant to current events, general business issues, and student life at Stern.


Articles feature topics related to the wider student base not specific to Stern, generally lighter and more fun topics that still relate to student life, explore student interests outside of school (food, music, reviews), and discuss professional development.

Student Life

Articles cover things going on around the Stern campus, material events related to the Stern experience, course overviews, travel and study abroad, club feature articles, and senior superlatives.

TGS On Balance – Political Column

Articles featuring conversations between Stern students exploring the political landscape in the United States and abroad.

Executive Board

Niti Parekh, Editor-in-Chief, niti.parekh@stern.nyu.edu

Veena Murali, Managing Editor, vm1505@stern.nyu.edu

Jacob Howard, Copy Editor, jdh553@stern.nyu.edu

Shivi Chauhan, Copy Editor, sc7689@stern.nyu.edu

Priya Tharwala, Design Director, pt1240@stern.nyu.edu

Eric Zhao, Marketing Director, eric.zhao@stern.nyu.edu

Joy Yang, Opinions Editor, jy2474@stern.nyu.edu

Alejandro Sarmiento, Markets Editor, ajs1279@stern.nyu.edu 

Nikita Verma, Features Editor, nikita.verma@stern.nyu.edu

Anya Srivats, Student Life Editor, anya.srivats@stern.nyu.edu

Katie Leung, Outreach Director, katie.leung@stern.nyu.edu

Johanna Dong,  Operations Director, jd3871@stern.nyu.edu

Faculty Advisor

Sunder Narayanan, sunder.narayanan@stern.nyu.edu

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