Writer Profile: Eda Ozbay

Graduation: 2022

Position: Staff Writer

Major: Stern x Tisch Dual Degree Program ( Finance and Film & TV)

Favorite Topics: Satire, Comedy, and Controversial Opinions

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eda-o-a8b3b313a

Eda Ozbay is a sophomore in the Stern-Tisch Dual Degree program pretending to have an interest in finance. She is a 5’2 and a half petite Turkish girl who has been compared to Frida Kahlo in solely looks, not intellect or talent. Comedy is her passion as can be seen throughout mediocre videos on her Facebook wall. She dreams of interning for SNL, Colbert, or Hulu- so if you know anyone please connect me… I mean her.
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