How to Stand on My Own Two Feet / With the Roots of 100 Brothers

Written by Kathy Hong

I came to Stern looking forward in a way that stood perpendicular to what many of my friends from home are doing and from what my initial expectations were. When I got here, I was immediately influenced by the assertive and fast-paced mentality of New York City in a way that far transcended anything that I could have ever planned for. So, I sunk into what I was comfortable with, trying to replicate what I knew how to do from high school and just amplifying it here at Stern. Overeager, overambitious, and guided by my internal pressure to set the stage for the rest of my life, I focused on joining clubs and organizations, making friends, working a part time job, adjusting and scouring for that crucial internship right away, but I was ultimately just getting lost in a whirlwind of expectations.

I joined Delta Sigma Pi on a whim, coming to Recruitment for the free food and the elusive glimmer of hope for replicating the community and successes that I experienced in high school. But it changed me in an inexplicable way, grounding me, providing me with the support to discover myself, and letting me know that it was okay not to be sure of the future. Immediately, I had the support of 100 others to lean on, allowing me to cultivate a network of roots that helped me stand on my own two feet. This support gave me the opportunity to break out of my comfort zone, question who I wanted to be, and discover what I was actually interested in.

All support comes in different ways. For me, these roots have provided the freedom to develop personally. To others, Delta Sigma Pi has been able to impart wisdom and development through the abundance of professional connections in every industry and field through brothers, speakers, and alumni: from banking to marketing, from consulting to social entrepreneurship or even in academia. And that’s honestly the greatest thing about DSP: it provides ubiquitous roots that support all needs.

And while DSP has provided all the professional and academic support that has helped me get to where I am today, I know that it’s having the guidance of all the other Deltasigs that has grounded me, motivated me to develop into who I am today and, most importantly, encouraged me to make an impact on my peers, my community, and eventually the world.

Delta Sigma Pi hopes to share and project these same opportunities forward – not just to our internal brotherhood, but to all of Stern. No change or vital impact is ever made alone, so we strive to provide roots for the other 2000 students at Stern to take their next step as well.

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