TransferNation – the Creation Story

Samir Goel and Hanna Dehradunwala speaking at a Resolution Project's guide networking event. Photo courtesy of Samir Goel.

Written by Samir Goel

Going into NYU, I had no intention of launching my own start-up or non-profit but rather was quite unsure of what I wanted to accomplish throughout my time in school. Not long after beginning, however, I found that there was definitely a gap between what I wanted to be doing and what I was getting out of my education. It took me some time, but I eventually realized that I would not be content to wait years to begin making an impact and following my passions but rather I wanted to make a difference today.

With that mentality I entered my sophomore year fall ready to make a difference and throw myself at an issue I felt strongly about. The issue I kept coming back to was food. It’s not that I’ve always been a bit of a health nut and a foodie, but that I was particularly concerned with the massive amount of food waste all around me, particularly when contrasted with the hunger so prevalent around the world today. That’s where my friend, Hannah Dehradunwala, and I were entirely on the same page. Although we had been friends throughout college, we realized we shared this desire to fix a problem prevalent both in our personal lives and all around us.

We knew we couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to do something about this issue we both felt so strongly about, and as a result we entered the Social Impact Business Challenge. After long hours in Bobst and many Friday night preparation meetings, Transfernation was born. We realized that in order to reduce food insecurity through eliminating food waste, we would have to make the process of giving food as easy as throwing it away. Transfernation solves this issue by using an online platform to connect corporations and social institutions so that extra food from events can go to homeless shelters and soup kitchens.

Since beginning Transfernation, everything has been a whirlwind, and all I know is that there is nothing else I’d rather be doing. Over the past year we have acquired start-up funding, built an incredible network, developed our platform, and above all else begun to create impact. We have recently rescued over 85 pounds of food from our official launch event, which was then re-distributed to the Bowery Mission.

Although neither Hannah nor I are sure what the future holds, we don’t plan on stopping until we can make our dream a reality. With our recent incorporation as a New York State non-profit organization, we are finally past the development stage and into the launch stage, and from here anything can happen.

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