Navigating Two-Credit Classes This Fall

Photo courtesy of NYU Tisch.

Written by Devyani Nijhawan

It’s almost time for registration! You are staring intently at the computer screen, mentally pleading with Albert to stay clear of any yellow triangles or blue squares. But after Albert behaves, there is a sudden, sinking feeling in your stomach.

All these classes seem so “Stern” (pun very intended). How can you diversify this portfolio?

If you’ve ever been caught in such a situation, The Gould Standard is here to save the day, with its compilation of some of the most interesting two-credit electives you can take this Fall!

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.05.25 PM

Interviewing Strategies (Steinhardt)

Worried about landing that coveted IB internship? If so, Interviewing Strategies is just the class you need! In fact, rising junior Sindhu Immidisetty raves that she even “got personalised advice on resume and interviewing techniques.” So if OCR has you stressing, sign up fast — you’re definitely not alone.

Steps Rhythm Movement (Tisch)

So you think you can dance? Tisch’s Open Arts Curriculum offers a variety of dance forms, such as African, Modern, Indian, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Flamenco. Whether you are looking to show off those moves at LAVO or win the next StuCo Talent Show, these classes offer a great way to shed those extra calories while earning credit for them.

Music Instrumental (Steinhardt) – Piano, Voice, String Instruments

Looking for a creative outlet? Or perhaps to form your own band? Well look no further, because Steinhardt offers a plethora of courses for non-majors interested in learning music. Tailored to each student’s unique needs, and taught in a relaxed, laid-back environment, these classes are the Hail-Mary your GPA and inner-Lady Gaga have been waiting for.

Music Business (Steinhardt)

Interested in the inner workings of the music industry? Falak Gupta, a rising junior majoring in Finance and Information Systems, took Business Structure of the Music Industry and raved about “the section on concert management and the economics of touring.” She found that the best part of the course was hearing “about all the individuals who take a piece of the pie before the artist: be it the venue, booking agent, or tour managers.” If you want to make sense of the process that makes artists like Justin Timberlake, Adele, and Taylor Swift so successful, this two-credit class is the right pick for you.

Studio Art (Steinhardt)

Find yourself at the Met every weekend? Love staring at Vermeers all day? Then choose ‘Color I’ or ‘Fundamentals I’ to assuage your inner artist (trust us, it’s going to require A LOT more than those colorful models in Excel)

The Art of Travel (Gallatin)

This is the only two-credit class for those of you studying abroad*, but it’s one of the greats! An online class that requires weekly blog posts and photo updates, this class is the perfect way to document your amazing adventures. Plus, with readings tailored to the art of exploring fearlessly, this class is the perfect complement to any study abroad experience. Plus, as BPE Alumnus Emily Teleposky attests, being forced to document your travels (or life) is one of the best decisions you can make for your soul.

*excludes London, Madrid and Accra

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