Guide to Surviving the 3rd Floor

Written by Eda Ozbay

To first time 3rd floor goers: do not be intimidated. The regulars will smell the fear.

Looking for a comfortable place to watch Youtube videos while you write your name and date on a word doc pretending to write an essay? Well, walk into Tisch Hall, get in those speedy elevators, hit 3, and get ready to people watch while getting your work done. To first time 3rd floor goers: do not be intimidated. The regulars will smell the fear. If you are in need of actually getting work done or just need a quiet space to watch MasterChef Junior, silent study is your go-to. It’s quiet and peaceful. But beware, every now and then hungry young students will wander into silent study, food in hand and you will spend the next 20 minutes covering your ears trying not to hear the unnaturally loud chewing of that $14 Sweet Green salad.

If you and some friends want to study but not be persecuted for breathing funny, visit the lounge to the left of the elevators. The purple couches are equipped with charging stations and the common area fluctuates in noise level. If you really want some privacy, book a study room.

Guide to booking a study room: Always check the Stern Life portal before you book. If it’s an off-hour, don’t waste that precious daily 1 hour booking slot. The corner rooms are prized possessions: bigger, brighter, and secluded from the outside world. The other rooms, reminiscent of aquariums, are great for people watching or being watched. So, if you are planning on choreographing a dance or singing along to pop top 40, 308 or 312 are your best bet.

Here’s where you need to listen up. When exam week rolls around and rooms are booked starting at 5 a.m., it’s time to get smart. Get a few friends and book the same room back to back. After booking comes the hard part, kicking someone out. If you are uncomfortable with confrontation or can barely look someone in the eyes saying hello like me, kicking them out can make you feel very antsy. But it’s also a great way to learn how to assert yourself, so go for it! 

Some may think the 3rd floor is a scary place… it is, but in reality, everyone’s just working on problem sets or laughing too loud.

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