Lazy Hacks to Professional Dressing for Women

Courtesy of Open Clip Art.

Written by Tara Rangwani

If you can relate to this situation, try these time saving hacks and you’ll never miss an event again.

It’s 5pm. You’ve already had four classes, a midterm, a phone call with a recruiter and have an uncontrollable urge to nap – but you still have a networking event to attend. Like any rational person who wants to avoid unemployment, you sacrifice sleep and undertake the fun task of ironing a shirt and putting on a pair of heels. If you can relate to this situation, try these time saving hacks and you’ll never miss an event again:

Think dressing professionally is a chore? Avoid shirts and choose alternatives.

For those who want to recycle their outfit of the day, there are some staples that can pass off as business casual, especially when hidden under a blazer. Sweaters or high-necked tops in solid, neutral colors are always a safe go-to.

Too tired to iron your shirt? Jump in the shower instead.

For those willing to take the effort to wear shirts: if they aren’t too badly creased simply being close to the steam of a hot shower is enough to fix the problem, giving you a few precious minutes to unwind. For those willing to go all the way to avoid ironing altogether, buying crease-free fabrics that are non-iron treated are great time-savers in the future. Of course, dry cleaning is always an option as well.

Want to look professional without actually changing the sweater you’ve worn all day? Try a detachable collar.

These are every lazy professional’s lifesavers, and require minimum effort on your part beyond actually buying them. They’re also a great way to repeat the same outfit in an unnoticeable way, saving you the trouble of investing in and storing shirts or blouses for dozens of events.

Hate taking the effort to wear a pair of trousers and obligatory heels? Invest in black skinny jeans.

Trousers can be painful to wear for all day events, and plain black skinny jeans are an acceptable substitute for most situations (except maybe interviews). They’re about the most low-maintenance articles of clothing possible to own, which makes them even more essential to every lazy girl’s professional wardrobe.

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