Senior Superlatives ’18

Courtesy of Wallpapers High Quality

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 10.16.23 PM.png

Dynamic Duo, Rahul Chabria and Henry Rogano

Brunch Bae, Helen Wang

Pablo Picasso Award, Johnny Byrne

Most Likely To Be Asleep in Class, Pranav Kapur

Most Likely To Win A Grammy, Sindhu Immidisetty

Most Likely To Become A Professor, Aditya Garg

Meme King, David Labine

Srat Star, Nicole Rodriguez

Most Likely To Be Forbes 30 Under 30, Josh Sakhai

Most Likely To Be Featured In Vogue, Jodie Miller

Most Likely To Brighten Your Day, Meera Bhan

Most Likely To Be Found At Thirteenth Step On A Tuesday, Stephanie Freeman

Most Likely To Win A Nobel Peace Prize, Pooja Vittal


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