Stern in La La Land: What does the new LA campus offer Stern undergraduates?

Courtesy of NYU

Written by Aldo Gonzalez Aragon

Students at New York University are now attending a university with bicoastal opportunities. In November of last year, President Hamilton announced that NYU’s global network of study away sites would expand to include the city of stars, Los Angeles. The Southern California site will be located in La Brea, a neighborhood located in between Hollywood, East Hollywood, and Central Los Angeles.

The new program will welcome the first cohort of students next fall where students will be exposed to Los Angeles’s entertainment industry via immersive curriculum and city opportunities. Linda Mills, Vice Chancellor and Senior Vice Provost for Global Programs and University Life, explained, “Given NYU Tisch School of the Arts’ existing experience in Los Angeles and the degree of interest in LA among faculty in Tisch and other NYU schools, it became obvious that this is a natural location for NYU to establish a larger presence.”

But as a Stern undergraduate looking at your study away options, what value does Los Angeles offer? Well, to Professor Paul Hardart, Clinical Professor of Marketing and Director of the Entertainment, Media, and Technology (EMT), the Los Angeles program “expands [EMT’s] reach into Los Angeles, giving students a broad educational experience while building critical connections to a wide range of industry professionals.”

For the broader Stern community, Los Angeles also offers three other distinct advantages: (1) an expansive NYU alumni network, (2) international opportunities, and (3) a diverse portfolio of healthy industries.

In many ways, Los Angeles is a mecca for a lot NYU students. Many students who come to NYU hail from California and many choose to return for work. Tthe Golden State is the second most popular destination for job-seeking NYU grads behind New York State: in Los Angeles, NYU boasts a wide network of over 14,000 alumni. If you choose Los Angeles for a semester, chances are you’ll meet a few alumni eager to help a fellow Violet.

Los Angeles is also a major hub for international trade. For many large trading partners, like China, Los Angeles is the gateway to the United States. This gateway status means that Los Angeles houses a large economy dedicated to finance, accounting, marketing, as well as managing these products, services, and business relationships. This international scope is a great opportunity for any Stern student looking to globalize their experiences.

Finally, Los Angeles is not just home to the stars of our television and cinema screens. Los Angeles industries like healthcare, retail, and manufacturing support the LA economy even more than entertainment. For example, a growing healthcare industry represents 12.4 percent of the Angelino economy while entertainment is only 3.4 percent.

Additionally, the biggest names in technology, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon are increasing their presence in a part of the city now coined “Silicon Beach.” So much like New York City, it seems like Los Angeles offers access to a variety of industries as well as growth opportunities.

Some Stern students are already excited about the development. “I think it’s a very logical move and further cements NYU as a global institution with a focus on career development and real world preparation,” said Stern junior Jeremiah Campoverde. But some of the excitement is stifled as Jeremiah felt disappointed “by the announcement because the course offerings [are] very limited.”

In its nascent stage, the Los Angeles program is not for everyone. The average Stern student might not find the classes they want. As the program matures, it will be necessary to see how options are diversified to allow more Stern students to take advantage of what Los Angeles has to offer.

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