Change and More Opportunity to Embrace It

Natalia Potrapeluk

The classic Stern catch phrase: “Change. Embrace it.” is finally living up to its expectations as Stern introduces seven new programs in the last 36 months: new MBA technological, entrepreneurial, fashion and luxury programs; an Executive MBA; first online masters in management; joint masters in NYU Shanghai; etc. What kickstarted this change is the rapidly changing global business landscape, mostly in technology. Cryptocurrency especially is on the rise where last year the valuation reached $3 trillion and NYU Stern was one of the first to offer a cryptocurrency course. Raghu Sundaram, the Dean of NYU Stern describes Stern as the “front foot” of change. 

Just recently in March, NYU Stern launched a Master of Science program in Fintech, or financial technology. This is a global, one-year part-time program that has been slowly developing since 2014, where NYU Stern was one of the first to incorporate Fintech into its curriculum. NYU Stern has compiled industry Fintech professionals for this 34 credit program. On top of this NYU Stern holds an annual Fintech conference which includes top fintech investors, startups and institutions. Some of the courses offered include R programming for data, machine learning, and blockchain and cryptocurrencies. When it comes to the new Tech MBA programs, one thing NYU Stern has made clear is that it is rigorously preparing students for tech leadership roles. According to J.P Eggers, a faculty director for the one-year Tech MBA, “this is not just a data science boot camp.”

With the rise in technology came the pressure for more hybrid or online course offerings amidst the pandemic. NYU Stern’s new all-online management masters program is opening up new opportunities for those who want to pursue an education but want to continue working. This program is set to start August 8, 2022 with a total of 33 credits. There has been an overall increase in appreciation for a work-life balance for the many MBA programs NYU Stern offers. With change comes a new long list of NYU Stern firsts. These rapid responses to the innovative market will help NYU Stern stay in the top-10 rankings for best graduate programs from U.S News & World Report for years to come.

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