Ranking Stern Study Lounges

Rebecca Poznanski

Unknown to many, Stern has a significant amount of student lounges which are often unoccupied. It is almost always impossible to find a seat in Bobst, making it crucial to be aware of the other areas in which students can study around NYU. I’ve ranked several Stern study spots so that you can avoid walking around Bobst for a longer amount of time than you end up studying.  

10. Third Floor Lounge — T300

 If you want to get any work done, avoid this lounge at all costs. Unless you manage to reserve a room, which becomes extremely difficult during fraternity pledging, this lounge is small, noisy, and has very limited seating. Every time someone enters this lounge, you’ll be notified by the sound of a door unlocking at the tap of an ID. If you’re looking to make friends, this is the place; if you’re looking to study, make sure you reserve a room ahead of time (T312 is my personal favorite).

9. UC Lounge — Tisch Hall Upper Concourse

 That hidden little lounge on UC by the bathrooms is almost always fully occupied. The seating options are not that great, and it’s honestly a very tiny space. However, it’s conveniently located by a vending machine and restrooms, both of which are essential amenities whilst trying to study. This area tends to be quiet, except when classes end. The lighting in this space is terrible, but if you’re looking for a silent spot to do work in between classes, this lounge does the trick.

8. Gould Plaza Tables

 Let me preface by saying that this is only a great spot during the beginning of the fall semester and end of the spring semester. When the weather is warm and sunny, who wouldn’t want to do their work outside? If you’re looking to eat lunch while finishing up some light work, have a seat out here.

7. E&Y Learning Center — Tisch Hall Lower Concourse

 This is a small area making it challenging to find a seat. The lighting is dimmed which makes it feel very cozy, but it’s not the most practical place to do work. This is not the best spot to crunch out hours of work, but it is a convenient place to sit while waiting for a classroom to clear out.

6. KMC Third Floor Tables — KMC 3rd Floor 

 Located right by the elevators, these tables are rarely ever crowded. For the most part, it’s a quiet spot. Unfortunately, it gets super noisy when students are transitioning between classes, or when MBA students stop to have a loud conversation while they wait for the elevator. The seats are not the most comfortable, but it’s a solid place to be productive in between classes.

5. Sosnoff Lounge — KMC 1st Floor

 The Sosnoff Lounge was the first lounge I found out about as a freshman. This lounge is always dead silent, and it makes you want to get your work done. Because this is one of the most “known” Stern lounges, do not expect to find a place to sit—especially during exam seasons. If you can claim a seat, rest assured that you will get all your work done efficiently.

4. LC Tables — Lower Concourse

 This may be a controversial judgment, but the tables by the stairs on LC are great! I always manage to find an open table, and when students are in class, this is a quiet floor. Since it’s not a designated study spot, it also functions as a place to take a Zoom call if you’re struggling to find an empty room.

3. Fourth Floor Rotunda — KMC 4th Floor

 There’s something about being in KMC that makes me super productive. This lounge has tables and chairs to sit at, making it a great place to get group work done or study with friends. On weekends, this is an empty space. The best part about this lounge is the natural light that comes through the big windows.

2. Fourth Floor Lounge — KMC 4th Floor (need to check the name of this lounge)

 Small and quiet, this lounge is pretty hidden. I have never seen many students in this space, making it a perfect place to get work done without being bothered by students entering and leaving. This lounge has tall tables and high chairs, as well as super bright lighting. The only con is that you’re basically sharing the table with all students in the lounge, making study sessions feel less individual and personal (which may be a benefit for some).  

1. Third Floor Rotunda — KMC 3rd Floor

This is a generally quiet area, and has super bright natural light. The absolute best part of this lounge are the cubicle-esque seats along the windows. These seats have outlets, bright lamps on the side, and are very spacious. Although seating is limited, this area tends to be empty in the evenings and on weekends. 

After studying in a variety of places around Stern, I can say that I get my work done most efficiently at the Third Floor Rotunda. However, no lounge will ever beat the feeling of studying for an exam in a big, empty classroom with whiteboards!

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